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The Role Of An Occupational Psychiatrist


Psychiatry is one of the least explored avenues of medicine by anybody who has no direct ties to the subject. Unless one is a practising doctor, is someone suffering from any mental condition or has somebody close to them who is suffering from any form of mental incapability it is very rare for anybody to be familiar of the importance of Psychiatric evaluation.There are a various complexities of psychiatric conditions that has a significant impact of every role an individual plays as a parent/spouse/employee and a general citizen of the society. ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression are often masked as just being hyperactive, sad etc. because of the fact that the information and the empathy to realize such mental incapacities are limited.

An forensic psychiatric assessment is someone who has learnt the art of unravelling the mysteries of the brain. Someone who has taken time to understand why people are the way they are and how we as their family and also as a community can help them to live and operate as a part of society.

An impairment assessment psychiatrist has the knowledge and expertise to be able to relate to a patient and help them realize reality from illusion and also help family and loved ones understand how they can best help the patient to cope and live with the condition they have. Treatmentscan be in form of individual therapy, family therapy, marital therapy, consultation at school and occupational Psychiatry which has a blanket cover over each demographic sector. Individual therapy is essential for one’s growth and development which will reflect positively on their daily routines. Any person who is weighed down by commonly misjudged conditions such as depression finds peace in their sessions and this is achieved through the focused modules and exercises.

In today’s day and age it is safe to say that most marriages are in jeopardy. This calls for marital therapy which allows both parties of the relationship to discuss and engage in healthy conversations that do not typically end in tears and tantrums. How content you are in your relationship is a direct influence on your overall take on life, that is why it is important to be able to resolve your differences in a non-judgmental environment so you can not only be a better spouse but a responsible parent too. For this reason family therapy is important too. In any case of dispute between partners it is the children who are the most effected and helpless and they sometimes use this as an opportunity to divert their attention to dangerous influences and by engaging in such family oriented sessions, families have a better chance of emerging successful from messy situations.